Here is little information for you to get to know KJN BRIANNA . She has been in martial arts for 24 years,  She started training when She was just 6 years old. KJN is a 5th Degree Black Belt.  she was a member of the Ernie Reyes' World Action Team for 8 years and has traveled all over the country competing in Taekwondo tournaments. she is a nine time State Champion and an eight time National Champion in Olympic style sparring and traditional forms, and a two time National Champion in Point style sparring. kjn has also competed in Creative Style Forms and placed 1st and 2nd. she  was named Junior Female Athlete of The Year by the California Amateur Athletic Union. 

here is a little information to get to now cgn Aliana. she  is a 1st degree black belt. she  has been training in martial arts for almost 5 years. cgn Aliana  is great at teaching all ages and all ranks. cgn has competed in local tournaments in forms and sparring  placing 1st, 2nd & 3rd. she is a member of our demonstration team. she always tries to be a leader while she is on and off the mat. students ask her questions and she is always willing to him them out.

1st Degree Black belt


5th degree black belt

MASTER instructor

Welcome to full circle martial arts!

KWAN JANG NIM Brianna started training in martial arts in 1994 and has been teaching for 15 years.

 she looks forward to teaching anyone who is ready to learn the art that she loves. 

all ages 5 and up are welcome to join our classes.